Period Pill

A Revolutionary Solution for Women Fixing the Discomforts of PMS & PMDD


A new female
world to come

Women seeking and being rewarded a respectable, equal and powerful position in society; also means dealing with women’s issues as they are. Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS & PMDD), relevant to virtually all women on the planet, within their most powerful creative & productive years, has never been truly understood, studied or addressed. Until now…

Period pill offers the “magic bullet” for dealing with the discomforts and disruption of pms. Empowering women to take control over their own lives

The power of psychoactives

bringing new perspectives

Period pill supports the sciences

Period Pill envisions a world where the benefits of psychedelics and psychoactive are finally being accepted. Products finally being allowed into the scientific arena and displaying unlimited benefits and applications for better living. From release of stress, improvements of focus, bettering creativity and even lowering the symptoms of (pre-)menstruation discomforts. Psychoactives can help change perspective and lead to better living. And will empower women in their quest to control their own lives.

Source: Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies


Most women between 15 to 50 years old endure monthly mood changes for numerous days. These changes have large impact on social and productive lives. With a more stressful life style, and fewer children than before these mood changes occur more than ever. Societal, cultural, scientific and personal awareness have heightened the need for a novel solution to PMS & PMDD – the Period Pill.

Source: THINC report, chapter 3

Half of the world's population are women and every month they endure menstrual discomforts.

Opportunity explained

About 85% of women experience at least 1 emotional and 1 physical symptom associated with PMS, severe enough to interfere with daily life.

Awareness growing

Nowadays, women worldwide are tracking their menstrual cycles via health apps such as (43mln active users- 200+m installs) HelloClue (4,5mln active users), Glow (16+mln users, 1.2 bln health data logged) and nog longer need medical assistance for monitoring.

Foregoing hormone-based birth control to live hormone free, resulting in 3-5 days per month of PMS discomfort is becoming a trend.

Source: THINC report, chapter 4

TAM: Total Addressable Market
SAM: Serviceable Available Market
SOM: Serviceable Obtainable Market

The Solution

“Beating the baddest bitch in town”

Period Pill has shown that its patented approach can quickly, immediately alleviate [the] PMS mood changes. Needing only small dosages for effective mood rebalancing. Bringing back greater control, greater joy and more relaxation to your life.

No solutions on the market

Antidepressants, birth control and behavioral therapy are all insufficient to deliver the desired results. With slow onset, impact on libido, hormonal complications, and/or time consuming methods, all of the current treatments are insufficient.

Source: THINC report, chapter 7

A very large, awakening world is poised to confront a worldwide female challenge
A very large, awakening world is poised to confront a worldwide female challenge

The Team

An avantgardist team of entrepreneurs understanding a future world to come, in which better living and female empowerment demand daring solutions. 

By using a novel approach to psychoactives to alleviate a worldwide female syndrome the team was capable of  inventing, understanding, formulating and patenting this for the next step to come…

Renske de Bruine

Renske de Bruine

Project driver

Merel Janssen


Jochem Janssen

Christina King

Christina King

Clinical Developer

Where do we stand

2014 - 2019
3 pre-clinical studies conducted on animals.
March 2019
Period Pill has done qualitative female trials proving the efficacy.
Provisional patent approved worldwide.
Period Pill finishes a quantitative and qualitative research study in collaboration with the University of Utrecht.
Summer 2022
USA Patent granted.
About to start Phase 1 study with Maastricht University, Prof. Jan Ramaekers.